Worldwise's English conversation school, i2i, is a small, privately owned English conversation school located at the base of the Minami Alps in beautiful Yamanashi prefecture, home of Mt. Fuji and an hour and a half train ride from Tokyo. The English school is a state-of-the-art building with three classrooms and an attached café that serves espresso coffee, ice creams and homemade cookies and cakes. The school and café, in combination, create a relaxing and culturally unique environment for students, parents and the larger community to experience.

At i2i, we believe that motivation is the key to learning.  With that in mind, lessons make use of music, dance, games, crafts and technology to create a learning environment that is, as our motto says, "Serious. Fun."  With the majority of our students being pre-school and elementary school ages, it’s common for students to study with us for six years or more. With over 230 students, we are the largest English school in our city of 70,000.  Yet, despite our size, we have built a community that is warm, supportive and welcoming.

Aside from our great lessons and teachers, we are probably best known for two things: our events and Explorers.  We do three large events that are open to the community: an Easter Egg Hunt, a Halloween Party and a Creative Christmas event.  With each event we aim for an authentic cultural experience. For Easter, we hide over 1,600 eggs in the local park. Our Halloween Party is the largest in the prefecture with over 500 joining us for trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  For Christmas, we prepare over 400 cookies for children to decorate with icing to set out for Santa.

Fourth to sixth grade students are invited to join Explorers, our English club.  Explorers go on monthly “Expeditions” that create experiences we feel are crucial to not only becoming English speakers but citizens of the world. Things that cannot be done during regular lessons.  Past Expeditions have included: a jazz concert, paper maché crafting, bouldering, river rafting, a BBQ, a Mexican Fiesta, an overnight summer camp, parfait making, a kickboxing demonstration, and a river clean up/water fight event.  These events, while crucial experiences for students, also offer teachers bonding opportunities with their students that are often lacking from most English school experiences.

With all that we do and offer, we are not looking for just any teacher.  We want someone who has experience and a passion for teaching. Someone who can be a strong role model for our students and who knows how to create an exciting and engaging classroom experience. The successful applicant will additionally be self-motivated, positive, open-minded, energetic, hard working, and dependable. Candidates with a musical and/or artistic background as well as strong social skills will be given special consideration.  Having advanced Japanese language ability, though not required, is essential.

The position splits time between rural elementary schools/pre-schools and classes at i2i. The current position allows for two and a half days off per week and seven weeks paid vacation - during holidays and when lessons are not scheduled.  Should you become a candidate of interest, you will have access to current teachers and staff should you wish to enquire further about the atmosphere and culture. The position requires the applicant have a university degree and valid driver’s license. Decisions regarding insurance, accommodation and transportation will be made upon consultation with the applicant. Worldwise is owned and operated by an American/Japanese couple.